J.J. Thomas, a 40 year old husband and father, operates a small business in North Texas. Having a mild fascination with the paranormal and genuine creepiness for older homes, his debut novel - The Waverly House, brings these true feelings to life at a bed and breakfast in Southern Colorado. Upon completion, his new found passion and creative desire took control - leading him down the path of writing two more novels which he is currently working on today.

501 Mulberry Lane - taps into J.J.'s humorous wit, portraying a family oriented neighborhood that gets turned upside down when a boisterous new home-owner begins to take control. The Monster Killer - is a dramatic rendition, exploring the life of a ten year old boy who was displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, only to shock the world's most renowned scientists with a method for destroying future hurricanes. Both novels are scheduled for completion soon.