Donning a pressed apron and tender smile, Agnes Waverly puts the final touches on another scrumptious meal at her quaint bed and breakfast. But even Agnes has secrets...perhaps one that she may share. That is of course, if her deceased husband, Walter, doesn't take a liking to you. Unfortunately for guests of the Waverly House, Agnes will be the first to know.

When Leah and Clayton Johnson check in for a week of anniversary bliss, their sexy escapades and disrespectful behavior send the peeping innkeeper into a downward spiral. Before long, a familiar voice begins to tingle deep within Agnes' deranged mind - Her beloved Walter is not pleased.

Being curious of odd noises around the Waverly House is mildly acceptable. Getting too close to Walter's room on the third floor is bad for business, and comes with consequences. Having an unquenchable thirst to nurture her precious gardens, Agnes has a special place for those that don't cooperate, because Walter's roses will never go unfed.